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Pastor Reuben & Laci Egolf

Reuben has been the pastor of Mt. Calvary Tabernacle since  spring of 1997.  He was president and co-founder of Mt. Calvary International Ministerial Fellowship (MCIMF) 2003-2010. 

He was the Chair of United States Global Leadership Council (USGLC)for several years.

Reuben is currently the chairman of the US Council on Global Development. A consultancy for developing nations producing partnerships with private and government programs. He continues to work through other organizations in international affairs to help improve the lives of all. 

In 2009 God has presented the privilege for Reuben & Laci to be on air with a television program called  “Experience Life Today” a program that aired until Oct. of 2018. It was a program that confronted everyday issues with the word of God. Today the program

can be seen on Hagerstown WDVM-25 every Sunday at 7 a.m. and will

switch to 10 a.m. on July 10, 2022. Called "MCT Power Hour" Pray you

tune us in!

Reuben has now authored Five books: (can be purchased on Amazon)

** “Can You Trust God” which is a book about the sovereignty of God  ** “The Voice Within” dealing with the conscience

** "Please Grow Up" concerning the maturation process

** "Avoiding Relationship Mayhem" before it happens

** "Heavenly Favored for Earthly Influence"- Bio of Ruth Mizel

They are a short read books that lays the groundwork for understanding how God makes the decisions that he makes, and how we all have a conscience. These books will build your faith, and its intent is to reveal why we should never doubt God again, and hopefully alert your conscience in decisions you make.

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